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About Us

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Founded on 13th February 2017 as Vflock Systems (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. The goaldone.net platform is owned by Vflock Systems (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.
Vflock Systems is founded by Shreyas Phatak & currently based out of Pune, India. The goaldone.net platform is currently available only in English language. The platform was developed in collaboration between Vflock Systems, JoyTree Software & Figworks Design. The concept & vision was developed by Shreyas Phatak, while development & implementation was executed by Makarand Mhaiskar and his team at JoyTree Software. The UI design & user experience consultation was provided by Figworks Design owned by Sonali Bendre.


“To connect people with common interests & beliefs, enabling them to achieve their common goals together.”
The Goaldone portal is not just a collaboration tool. It enables people to express why they want to achieve something that they are interested in or passionate about and by forming a flock they achieve it together. In the process it gives dignity to participants that they have achieved their goal by themselves.

The Team

Shreyas Phatak
Shreyas is a long time IT professional with 24+ years of experience in IT industry particularly in competency management, project management, Unix administration & consulting in IT sector.
He has experience in the areas of people collaboration, social networking for peer production, banking, telecom, trading & supply chain management (hi-tech, apparel, cement, metal & retail industries). His various roles allowed him extensive experience in areas of resource management, risk management, performance management, stakeholder management, training & development, service delivery management & enabling collaboration between stakeholders.
He designed the goaldone.net platform to enable mass collaboration between different stakeholders leading to idea generation & innovation. The platform broadens the opportunities for an individual while achieving the goal(s) collaboratively.
He has international experience of working in various different countries like U.S.A., Switzerland, France, Thailand & Japan.
Contact Details

Makarand Mhaiskar
Makarand has an experience of more than 27 years experience in IT having worked at notable companies in India and USA. He has worked in systems software in networking domain, office automation software, fault-tolerant software and recently in diverse web-based database applications.
He likes to call himself an environmentalist, loves to grow his own food and bakes cookies on lazy sundays.
For current work: http://www.joytree.in/

Sonali Bendre
Figworks is a consultancy service in the field of User Experience Design.
Managed by Sonali S Bendre who brings in 14 years of rich experience in the field of Design and Research as an experienced leader. Figworks has successfully built sensible customer experiences that are best outcomes of business objectives and user goals. A wide variety of technology, domains, processes and interactions with some wonderful people has always helped team Figworks in giving best user experience solutions to products and services for mobile, desktop, web and other touch points.

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