A platform to enable social collaboration
by connecting people with common interests

If you want to connect with people who believe what you believe, value what you value
and achieve a common goal together, then join us to get your goal done

Common Goal, Collective Contribution

A system driven by common goal that allows everyone to have equal say thus creating alignment among team members.

Takes problem to the individuals rather than taking individuals to the problem.

Creates an atmosphere of idea sharing & eliminates the fear of being judged by fellow team members when showing ideas.

Enables people to make greater contribution in meeting their own needs collectively.


Collaboration & Cooperation

Enables member participation at task & skill level rather than at job description level & makes the workforce participation an open talent marketplace.

Boosts cross functional collaboration by enabling collaboration-cooperation among people who have different expertise, backgrounds & different points of view but same purpose.

The system incorporates collaboration into team design itself.

Enables end users to have an "any-to-any" experience. In other words, they get the ability to collaborate with anyone as required based on common interest thus enabling agility.

Makes people literate about authority, accountability & responsibility: who has it, why they have it? It helps team members understand their role in the bigger picture.


Collaborative Project Management

Facilitates creating a scalable & inclusive team of participants & customers thus creating the next level of partnerships & transparency.

Gives the corporate user a tool for Collaborative Project Management - a method used to plan, coordinate, control and monitor the distributed and complex projects.


New Ideas, Products & Services

As AI & Robotics threaten to take over people's jobs GoalDone enables creation of new kinds of jobs which ask people what problems they are inspired to solve & what talents they can bring to the table to solve those problems.

Enables people to utilize their time freed by automation to develop new ideas, products and services collectively & collaboratively.

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